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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 6, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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river valleys, there is more to speak of. we got ourselves a front that came through last night. temperatures dropped, but the rain lingers behind the front. remnant wave of low pressure that used to be lee, spreads up in our direction. while there is a low, we've had heavy rain overnight and picked up an inch and a half yesterday. some with heavier downpours. state fair locked out yesterday missing and dodging the showers but finally got hit. we get hit as we are pushing the local radar. another shot out of rock dale, montgomery. 64 annapolis. 61 towards northeast and darling head. roads are wet. be careful. two accidents, arundel expressway. 95 southbound at kateen, in the two left lanes. stay to the right if you can. this is 95 north of 195.
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no incidents to report. 195 clear to the airport. a couple of cars going southbound, downtown at light and conway, this intersection is open, be careful downtown, especially on pratt street. lots of cones and equipment in the area. the construction equipment is taking down the fencing from the grand prix. 13 schools will go back for the first time after widespread power outages. some parents not happy it took so long wondering for the schools were not a priority. sherrie johnson is live at perry hall elementary school. >> reporter: meagan, in just a few hours, studestaff will be headed through those doors here. we are at perry hall elementary school. take a look at this, they are so excited. they have welcome back signs in the door, all over the school
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here, just to tell the students how excited they are to have them here today. another reason for excitement, dr. joe harriston will make a stop this morning. all schools are scheduled to open. students had a delayed start to the school year, dr. harrisston decided to celebrate students returning to school. he sometimes this won't blend unless s to visit 7 elementary and county executive. students at 13 baltimore county public schools had an an extra week off. the storm, hurricane irene, knocked out power to 65 schools in baltimore county, some parents are not happy with the delays. students say they are ready to return to class. >> it's kind of boring. >> it's kind of like, summer is
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gray but it's like it's good to go back and see your friends. >> reporter: back out here live, balloons welcoming everyone back. all schools will have to make up two days. the board of education will have to determine if wednesday, thursday and friday will be waived for the remaining schools. the tours kick off at 8:55 this morning here at perry hall elementary school. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> if you lost trees the state wants to help you replace them. there is a program encouraging you to plant native trees and extended. it dpifs you a $25 coupon to use towards buying a new tree. under the program the trees must cost at least $50 must be on the list of approved trees. find a link to what the trees are, head to our website, the $25 will be nice for
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you, it won't put a dent in the cost of the disaster of the storm. along the east coast, it cost 1.5 billion dollars, that's the number that the white house came up with. a lot of aid, this is causing friction between the president and congress. obama administration said the government pays for disasters by borrowing which increases the deficits. have enough tang and salt most of the roads are back open in downtown baltimore which will hopefully make the commute easier, weather permitting. racers came out for the grand prix in charm city. the drivers who they liked the race course and the city too, one driver said he hasn't seen as many people in the indy car race all season. other drivers said it was the best street race on the schedule. more than 150,000 people came out to watch the action. one says it was the most successful american race in 30
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years. we won't have the numbers until thursday, businesses already weighing in about whether the race was help or hurt. reaction to the race was mixed. some owners say they saw great numbers, up 20% in sales, but other shops shutdown for the weekend expecting customers, either couldn't make it or be able to get to stores because of closures. >> a lot of people stayed out of the city, regular shoppers, i had the impression most of the visitors were in the self enclosed area. it was a self contained event. >> business owners did say the hype about traffic may have scared off the customers from the weekend. twin towers will never be replaced. see them in movies or photographs and drive up from baltimore, some of us look to our right hoping to see them
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brush the skies. jamie costello has a story about what our kids and grand kids will look for in the new york city skyline. >> reporter: on the outside, you know what they are thinking, you can read their lips and understands what they are saying, taking photos. on the inside -- >> i had a worker walk up and said i can't believe they let you wear a pink heart. >> reporter: linda is the most colorful person at 1 world trade center. our wish for a prief tour, granted. -- private tour, granted. the tallest building in america in two years. it will grow a symbolic 1776 feet. >> it's a big jump. i get in to the office and i'm going all day. >> reporter: she is in charge of turning devastation in to a creation the likes we have never seen. this is america's biggest
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construction site as concrete and steel dance, going up one floor a week. >> the trucks come in here , the concrete is pumped underground in to the core. >> reporter: in to the core of emotions we go. linda was here on 9/11. she had a meeting on the 72nd floor. look where i'm interviewing her, 10 years later. >> the last thing in my mind was that i would be back here rebuilding. >> reporter: she passed by every day, too much, too many emotions, too many memories, too hard to put a hard hat on. >> i'm glad i made the decision to come down and be a part of this. it's a healing process. >> reporter: she along with her team of hard hats are doing this for the names on the two water fountains. many she knew as friends, she and her crew don't know. >> sometimes i come out late in the afternoon when a lot of the
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workers have gone, 4:00 or 5:00, i might come out by myself a lot and take a walk around. >> reporter: on the walk, she doesn't think about what happened 10 septembers ago, she thinks years ahead when the builds willing be ender jizd energized with offices. >> this is the project of my career. i always have, i'm optimistic there might be more. >> linda, never wanted to look back, always looking ahead. on the inside, we cry over 9/11, but on the outside, we see a building that reflects our promise of a brighter tomorrow. >> that was jamie costello reporting. tune in sundays at 5:30 for a special on september 11th, hear about the lives affected in maryland and how many are jove coming the tragedies ten years
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later, sunday at 5:30. dangers of secondhand smoke. >> how those affects could add up to missed days of school for your kids. tropical depression lee rolls through the south. we will look at the damage left behind in its wake. i'm going to marinate my ind few for starting your tuesday off with us. xññññ
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justin burke special, time lapse video, tropical depression lee hitting atlanta, more than 100 homes reported damage. the storm caused a tornado and last watch in effect for it last night. there are the effects across the southern u.s. lee rolling through. that was cool. we benefit from the treat that i just got. this morning, just down the street, from sherrie johnson, at perry hall elementary, we take you to perry hall middle school. light north wind, that's important, we are now on the cold side of a frontal boundary, keeping us cold.
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we will limit our threat of severe weather because when we have the remnants of a tropical system , there is the threat of the outbreak. for us on the cooler, wet side, we are in the low. there is more coming up west. plan for a wet morning even if it's not raining now. expect to have the rain, becoming heavy at times. we picked up an inch and a half to two inches. we can average 2-4-inch rainfall if you were just to stick the rain gauge out and check it again thursday morning. flash flood watch through 8:00 tonight and like yesterday, it's going to be extended just because of the duration of this rainfall. the rain, showers this morning. steady and heavy at times in to the afternoon. not much movement on the thermometer. we will be in the mid-60s, barely moving, a chilly wet day. state is working an
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accident, 95 southbound at kayton in the left lane, stay to the right as you pass. beltway at bel air, light traffic out, there both directions, traffic is building, no problems in this area. jfx at cold spring is moving well, a few cars going southbound, which is to the left of your screen, the great news is, lots of roads opened up downtown, after the grand prix this is pratt and sharp, the cones are out of the way. they have fencing to take down, watch out for equipment in the area. that fencing maybe up for a few days. health news, secondhand smoke is bad for you, bad for your hem, it's more likely to make your child sick. children age 6 years old to 11 years old who live with smokers have a greater chance of missing school than kids who don't have smokers. children living with money or more smokers missed one or two
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days of school. it increased the risk of developing three or more ear infections within the year and increased likelihood of a child developing a chest cold. just changing one aspect of our life could lower your chances of getting diabetes. meeting five health goals cuts your risk by a third. first, stay within the normal weight and your height, second don't smoke and exercise and keep your voice, exercise 20 minutes everyday and eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables and drink a small amount of alcohol. the more goals are met the more you will limit your risk of diabetes. many in mississippi starting to dryout after tropical depression lee. >> up next, the toll is storm is taking on the state and the clean up is underway.
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and just as you want to brown one side we're actually going to move it a little bit and we're going to flip it over and as you can see the other now, good morning maryland. >> roads in the capitol are flooded after tropical depression lee moved through. water forced the closure of streets in jackson. police say more than two dozen families were rescued mondays because of the rising waters. the storm knocked out the power and downed trees. this is something we are more
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and more used to across the south. texas, which would pay for the rain drops and fire problems can continue. lee continues towards the north and east. line of weather in through florida. tornados out of that particular structure. looking a at the mean band up and around the frontal boundary. the front came through. winds to the north and colder air this morning, at least by early september standards. we will have a stall pattern with days of rain. if you got the wide screen set, katia off the edge, this, they will sit and spin and get stuck, running its course with the rainfall, leftover showers. let's take it home, look at the rain, building our way. we had a low for the last couple of hours after picking up an inch and a half of rain, half an inch this morning, we add more to the mix, more pulses in through virginia, west virginia and beyond, and
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watch how our radar plays out. over central, western maryland, south central pa, we will pick up 2-4 inches of rain from this point forward through thursday morning. wednesday, throughout the day, periods of rain, maybe a low midday with a surge coming back in to the afternoon, and evening. the back edge trying to hang tight on thursday morning. flash flood watch, goes until 8:00. extending through tomorrow as we have the rain heavy at times. back to 63 tonight. chilly day for the kids, dressed in the jeans, long sleeve shirts and rain gear, wet, sloppy, 75 tomorrow, pushing 80 leftover showers on thursday. outlook for the weekend, we should improve a bit saturday and sunday. as far as the mark trains go, they have a flash flood warning in effect. they are trying to be careful
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out. there let's look at the beltway, doing okay at liberty. most volume is moving, we are doing well. jfx, very light right now from 41st street overpass. no incidents making your way downtown. this is pratt and sharp street, h which is open. the fencing is up after the grand prix, we are happy that the roads are now open. all of them should be open by 6:00 a.m. back to you. it took them 3 weeks for the catch, put this morning, this is in the philippines, they are breathing easier, they captured a oneton, 21-foot long crocodile. we can't show you right now. watch later. this is what i read. the villagers in this town were scared because it's a salt water crocodile. there have been deadly attacks.
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2300 pounds, this guy weighed. they are getting guinness book of world records on this. i cannot imagine 21 feet long. >> 21 feet, 2300 pounds, some crocks will eat you. they are aggressive. video is coming up in the next hour. stay with us, with the downed economy, unemployment and congress odds, maybe hard to keep the faith in elected leaders. >> do you trust your government? we will tell you what the study says. ñwñ[=
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recall involving 1 million
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honda, they are discovering a problem with power window switchs that can cause a problem. includes 900,000 of the 2006crv's and 2005 fit. if you have a vehicle included in the recall , the company will notify you this month. staggering poll numbers that came out, showing americans lost faith in anyone's ability in washington to fix the economic crisis. a poll found astonishing 7 7% of americans polled think the country is headed on the wrong track. 6 in 10 americans disapprove of barack obama's job. his job speech is coming up thursday. texas wild fires burn out of control. >> what extremes the emergency crews are going to the try to get the disaster under control.
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let's head to new york with a look at the tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, getting a head start on the iphone. telecom is taking preorders for the iphone 5 even though apple hasn't said there will be one or when. deutsche wants to avoid bottlenecks. human evolution, the much anticipated third installment of the series lives up to the hype. >> what makes it interesting is that you don't do the same thing for too long, you maybe fighting, searching for clues, having conversations with people, you get to have a wide range of activity which is important for a game to have to keep you engaged more than just for a few hours.
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